Thermal Facilities

Herbal Steam Room

The first step to enter thermal facilities to achieve an overall detoxification of the body with moist heat. Add eucalyptus essential oil when using Herbal Steam Room for treating respiratory problems that dilates the blood vessels to allows more oxygen into the lungs.

Himalayan Salt Wall Sauna

Himalayan salt is believed to help releases negative charged ions which proven to purify the circulating air and allow our body to reduce stress, increase energy and mood boosts at biochemical level. Recommended to use for 10-15 minutes with temperature 80-85°C.

Hydro Jet Pool

The next step is to deep relax your body to relief pain and relaxing your muscle before massage. The shower and jet pressure combined in right temperature can helps to stimulate blood circulation and treat the symptoms of certain diseases. Recommended to use for 10-15 minutes with temperature 36°C-38° C.

Cold Plunge

The last step will be to take some times in Cold Plunge after your session in Hydro Jet Poo. The cold water immersion or "cryotherapy” helps to relax your body , reduce muscle inflammation and release pain. Recommended to use for not more than 10 or 20 seconds with temperature 15°C.

Herbal Steam Room   Himalayan Salt Wall Sauna   Hydro Jet Pool & Cold Plunge

There is additional charge for the usage of Thermal facilities only.
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