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Browse our menu of treatments, each one conducted by a professionally trained therapist. Arrive 30–45 minutes before your first service, and enjoy the steam room, Himalayan salt-sauna, hydro pool or a warm shower. It’s a great way to relax and warm your muscles, aiding the therapeutic benefits of our treatment and services. The facilities will be complimentary with every spa treatment. Heavenly Spa by Westin open hours from 10AM-10PM. Heavenly Spa Bale open from 10AM to 6PM. Westin Kids Spa open from 10AM to 6PM.

Specially designed rituals with a combination of exquisite treatments, which one after the other focus at all levels on holistic wellness and Bali’s traditional healing practices, to provide you with an overall magic and memorable experience.…
Combined with a professional sense of touch and the use of world renowned 100% natural plant extracts and the essential oils based French brand Maria Galland, each treatment has a specific response to age, skin type and condition.
Recharge the body and mind with a complete range of rejuvenating therapies, which include gentle skin exfoliation, wraps, and massage, leaving your skin refreshed and velvety smooth.
Exclusively created for Heavenly Spa from an ancient beauty ritual for Indonesian women, a crème bath, special herbal hair and scalp conditioning treatment, to essential care for hands and feet.…